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THE 2018 Gamechanger LIST IS OUT! We have selected the HYV 2018 Class of 30 India Gamechangers.  Click here to see who made the list!

A community accelerator for changemakers | #jointhehyv

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  • about us

    We are a community accelerator for changemakers. We share our resources with the next generation leaders for change in hopes that they share their's with other changemakers, in return, whether it be an introduction or sharing servers.

    Specifically, we work to democratize networks and outreach expertise digitally to help scale  voices of impact in our community. In the process, we also plan to redefine what scholarships are. We are helping scholars also find that voice online by offering free website hosting & website development till scale and providing an outreach program & strategy to help them scale a business online

    Instead of thinking about scholarships as a static resource for a creator's education, we believe it to be a dynamic investment made back into the vision of their project.

    The best part? Our application can take 1 hour or less! To get started, just apply here.

  • our vision

    Whether are scholars are storytellers, musicians, entrepreneurs, or developers, we envision the next generation of changemakers adopting our democratized network to create a new hub for their content in their local and global communities for their movement.

    with no barriers to entry online.

    Our vision is to find, showcase, and empower the next voices of our generation and power their missions, mentor initiatives, and connect other changemakers to amplify change.

    We expect to see our number of scholars rise from 100 each year to 1000 each year within the next 5 years and plan to have scholars spanning from every country in the globe of ages ranging from the ages 12 to 65.

  • partner with us

    We love our sponsors and mentors - partners in our mission to amplify change. Building a democratized relationship between our partners and scholars is core to our vision. Not only does only your brand gain exposure the changemakers that will use your product in their enterprises, possibilities in recruiting them, and even direct promotion through our engaging tutorials and mentorship.

    Moreover, by facilitating conversation between our sponsors and our scholars, we also create a whole new realm of opportunity for impact, as well, as many of our sponsors morph into the role of mentors and advisors in our scholar's projects.

    Whether you have time, resources, or social outreach, we would love to have you onboard! Email us at: [email protected] or just fill out this form.

Applications Portal open
August 15, 2017
Application Review begins
late October 2017
Applications Portal close
December 31, 2017 (11:59 EST) Scholars
announced on Jaunuary 31, 2017
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