• Founder                        Amulya Parmar

    At the age of 15, Amulya Parmar founded his first company: a webhosting and web-design agency. At the age of 16, Amulya founded an international
    e-learning platform with universal, free access to courses for investing, coding, and marketing. All this while simultaneously, juggling the role of Lead Developer and Engineer at the biomedical engineering nonprofit NeuroSpring.

    Today, a Amulya Parmar, a Coca-Cola Scholarship recipient and Elks Scholar, seeks to work at the intersection of education, technology, and innovation under the motto: "Share Skills & Inspire Knowledge," founding the FreeHostingProject to help share the world's most incredible stories, movements, and ideas.

  • Founding Director of Video & Marketing Assets        Clay Carrington 

    Clay Carrington, Director of Video and Marketing Assets, is a passionate, driven, and motivated Michigan-based photographer and brand enthusiast. Founder of the @MoldMelikeClay featurette brand.

    His motto: "Founded In Faith. Designed With Love. Created With Care." speaks to his personal testimony, as he began to open his eyes.

    You can find more information  at moldmelikeclay.com

  • Founding Director of HR  Kento Mori

    Public speaker, Engineering Student, Recorded Artist, and Youth Pastor at FIRST Church in Michigan. Kento Mori never fails to keep himself busy by spending time on causes and with people he cares about.

    Starting at a young age, Kento has gone out of his way to nourish a next generation of leadership in local and and surrounding youth. He seeks to build an international brand around cultivating opportunity through sacrifice.